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Monique Sartor - Cultural photographer, Modern artist 

"Beautiful photography has the ability to draw us into a story; even if we know little about what that might actually be.  Moody black and white shots, blur and grain add to the mystery, allowing our imaginations to fill in the blanks".  

Monique Sartor has been a keen amateur photographer for almost twenty years.  She focuses on the stories behind the image.  She also believes in allowing for happy accidents such as blur, shards of light and grain which some might consider a fault but Monique sees them as adding to the mystery!

From famous landmarks to traditional costumes, Monique focuses on detail and atmosphere and a healthy dose of humour.

You can order canvas prints of limited editions, acrylic decorative blocks and books from the Products page.

If you would like to commission Monique, please visit the Contact page to start a discussion. 

Monique Sartor Cultural Photographer
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