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Canowindra, NSW

I grew up 5 hours west of Sydney in a tiny town called Canowindra.  I had idyllic childhood and have so many happy memories of my time here growing up.  Each corner has a memory and when I look at certain building I see not just bricks and mortar, but the people associated with them.  This town will always be 'home' for me.  If I could, I would move back in a heart beat.

These buildings below are particularly special to me.  

Coco Harvest (and the angled building).j
Garden of Roses cafe (20 cents used to g
Montrose House used to be the bank!.jpg
Was featured on 'Frost'.jpg
The Trading House (it's had many lives!)
Kinkara Tea at Finns Old Store.jpg
Tralee (will always be my home).jpg
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