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I don't get to Melbourne often, but when I do, I love walking around getting some snaps.  The architecture can be interesting (especially the old buildings)!

My 'problem' with Melbourne is that it was the scene of the end of my first marriage, so it always feels like I'm scratching a sensitive scar.  His betrayal was breathtaking in its cruelty, selfishness and gutlessness.  Yet, his actions set me free and I've gone on to have an exciting life - having two amazing kids with my new husband, dining with royals, meeting movie stars, building a successful interior design business and so many other things. 

So, while I recognise that Melbourne time as being my equivalent of Carthage being razed, it was also my turn to be the pheonix and rise from the ashes.  Returning to Melbourne - the 'scene of the crime' - is an opportunity for me to change the dynamic and create something haunting....a bit like that whole dark chapter.


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